Which Company Launched the First Wi-Fi CCTV Camera in India

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The first Wi-Fi CCTV camera was launched by the multinational company Evoke Hi Tech in 2014. It is a regular CCTV camera with internet connectivity and a Wi-Fi connection that transmits data to your phone

Evoke Hi Tech has launched a new Wi-Fisecurity camera in the Indian market. The company has already been offering several home security solutions to Indian customers. You can check them out by going to EvokeHitech India’s official website. The new product which has been launched by the company

Evoke Hi Tech introduced a camera which Connected by 2G/3G network, Also you can control with your voice commands, so you can stay connected to what’s happening in your monitoring place  while you’re not there.

It is not unusual for us to see Wireless CCTV cameras in offices, Home, Hotels, Resort and malls. This has been changing the way people look at home security.A company launched the first WiFi CCTV camera in India and it is called Evoke. This is aIndia-based startup that provides home security solutions through that products.

Evoke’s product, aptly named Evoke is a Wi-Fi CCTV camera that also serves as a home-security camera. The company’s new threefold solution includes an all-in-one home security, wireless alarm system, and a wireless emergency button that goes on the user's keychain or neck chain. One of the biggest USPs of this device is its lack of monthly charges or set-up costs - all one needs to do to get started with it is pay for their initial purchase upfront.

A Wireless CCTV Camera is a device that has been set up in homes and offices these days to offer better security.

The home security camera is a high-tech device which can be fitted with high definition cameras, motion sensors and other features to help you keep an eye – or more than one eye – on your home.

This device is also known as video door phone which provides a complete range of security features. The traditional CCTV camera needs to be connected with the power line, so there is a need for wires. This can make wiring and installation more complicated.

Wi-Fi cameras solve this problem by not having any cables and you can install it in places where cables are difficult to run such as the attic or outside on a post. Wi-Fi cameras are great alternatives to wired cameras because they don't require any cable installation and they can be installed in hard-to-reach corners of your house.

With a WiFi CCTV camera, you can feel safe and stay in touch with what's happening at home when you're not there.

A WiFi CCTV camera is great for keeping your property safe and secure, especially if you live in an area where break-ins happen often. Get one to monitor your home after dark or during the day while you're at work or on vacation - anytime someone tries to enter your premises illegally, they will be caught instantly on camera after they trigger the motion sensor alarm.

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