Valuing Crop Biodiversity
M. Smale Wydawnictwo: brak danych

In agricultural systems, a diversity of crops and varieties in essential to combat the risks farmers face from pests, diseases and variations in climate. Crop biodiversity also underpins the range of dietary... czytaj dalej

Shakespeare in Education
Blocksidge Wydawnictwo: inne

This collection of essays - written by experienced practitioners - seeks to define, or at least report on, the current position of Shakespeare in schools, colleges and other educational environments. Its primary... czytaj dalej

Guerilla Film Makers Handbook
Chris Jones Wydawnictwo: inne

Brand new edition of this bestseller - the only book an amateur film maker needs! An entirely new, updated, and expanded third edition of the UK's best-selling filmmaker's bible, last updated in 2000. This... czytaj dalej

State Strategies In The Global Political Economy
R. Palan Wydawnictwo: inne

State Strategies in the Global Political Economy, Palan, Abbott and Deans argue that the state is not about to decline or 'wither away', but must restructure and evolve in response to forces of transnationalization... czytaj dalej

What Philosophy Is Comtemporary Philosophy in Action
Blackburn Wydawnictwo: inne

This book addresses the question "What is Philosophy?" by gathering together responses from philosophers working in a variety of areas. The resulting collection provides focused discussions of the... czytaj dalej

How to Get into Marketing & PR
A. Gurton Wydawnictwo: inne

You are attracted to a career in Marketing or in Public Relations, but wonder how to: - understand the range of jobs within the industry - how to stand out from the crowd. From Accountant and Advertising Account... czytaj dalej

Advances in Cardiac Surgery v11
Karp Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The distinguished editorial board chooses topics that are most critical and clinically relevant to improving patient care. Invited experts write original, comprehensive articles, summarizing the vital changes... czytaj dalej

In the Beginning Was the Ghetto a Journal of 890 Days in the
O. Rosenfeld Wydawnictwo: angielskie

This book is an edited, slightly reordered edition of the notebooks compiled by Oskar Rosenfeld during his period of service in the Statistical Office of the Lodz Ghetto (1942-44) prior to his murder at Auschwitz.... czytaj dalej

Nation & History
Brock Wydawnictwo: angielskie

The important scholarly achievements of Polish historians remain largely unknown outside Poland. In Nation and History, editors Peter Brock, John Stanley, and Piotr J. Wrobel have brought together twenty-four... czytaj dalej

Colfer Wydawnictwo: angielskie

During a car accident a boy succeeds in fleeing from an orphanage, where the kids are tortured and used for experiments with pharmaceutical and chemical test substances. In a generally hostile, future world... czytaj dalej

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